Days 1 & 2

I arrived in Taipei on the 25, and I was immediately taken to my host Rotary club’s meeting in Taoyuan, about 30 minutes away (though I slept for much of it). Their are two other exchange students hosted by my club, from Bordeaux, France, and Edmonton, AB, Canada. After the meeting had ended, we went home, where I went to bed soon after.

On the 26th, my host brother took me to an apparently American breakfast restaurant where he ordered two wraps that had egg and cheese fried onto the wrap.

I met up with the two other exchange students at a local pool. The pool was more like a small resort, with lots of things that sprayed water, and massaged, and it was a lot of fun.

100_4622 100_4623 100_4624 100_4626

For supper, my host mother and father brought me to a restaurant, where I had rice with pork, cream of corn and chicken soup, and a variety of other things.

Day Two's Supper

Days 1 & 2

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